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Policies, Terms and Conditions



Fee and Payments

Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. A $300 CAD deposit is required to confirm your reservation. If you book a room, you must provide payment or proof of payment of the deposit (such as copy of a bank transfer confirmation) within 48 hours. If you don't, your room will be released and another student may book the same room.

The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your reservation before arrival. If you fail to show up on your check-in day without rescheduling with Granville Hall, your room will be offered to another student from the waiting list and your deposit will not be refunded. When you arrive, the deposit becomes your damage deposit for the room and will be refunded to you at the end of your stay following a satisfactory room inspection. The deposit can not be applied to your residence fees.

To avoid losing your room booking, we encourage students to submit their deposits on the same day of their booking through one of our online payment options such as PayPal. We also accept payment by credit card over the phone. If you have a Canadian bank account, you have the option to send an E-Transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Your confirmation deposit becomes your security/damage deposit, and is returned to you after your room is inspected for damages upon your departure. The confirmation deposit is due at the time of reservation to hold your room. The deposit can be paid online or by bank transfer. This deposit is also your security/damage deposit and will be returned to you upon your departure if your room has no damages.  

The minimum required registration period is 5 weeks (35 days). Students are required to send the fees for this minimum period prior to moving in. Students registered for periods longer than 5 weeks can pay their rents on a month to month basis. Fees will be due on the first day of each calendar month. Payments can be made in person at the front desk using cash, debit, or credit card. We can also accept online payments via PayPal and bank transfers.


Meal Plan Refunds

If a student departs after a calendar month has started, the meal plan fee for that month will not be refunded in part or in whole. However, any meal plan balance remaining on account for future months will be returned to the student. Similarly, any fees on account for other amenities, services or consumables purchased or subscribed to for an ongoing month are non-refundable, but fees for future months of said items will be refunded.


Departing earlier than end of booking period

Students are required to sign a lease and residence agreement upon arrival for the entire period they booked the room for. This is a “fixed-term” lease and students are not able to break or quit the lease before the end date noted on the lease. Students are responsible for the room's rent for the entire period indicated on the lease.  The lease does not renew automatically at the end of the period. 

Granville Hall may make exceptions in cases of extreme circumstances or emergencies, where a student must exit their program of study and return home immediately. These exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Residence Director.


Room selection

Residents may be able to choose their own rooms, but only when there are rooms in their chosen room type available. Otherwise, rooms will be assigned by the Residence Coordinator according to the room type reservation. If other rooms are available, the resident may request a different room at the time of check-in. If students would like to switch rooms, they must provide written notice to the Residence Coordinator in order to obtain approval.





All residences observe “consideration hours” at all times in order for residents to enjoy a respectful shared-living atmosphere. Additionally, there are “quiet hours” observed during which residents are asked to contain noise to their rooms or the common lounge and to be mindful about their neighbours’ comfort.

Quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 8:00am from Sunday night to Thursday night, and 1:00am to 8:00am on Fridays and Saturdays. If a student or group of students are being too noisy during quiet hours, the Residence Coordinator may ask the students to stop the noise or go to the common lounge. If guests are present who are not residents of Granville Hall, the Residence Coordinator may ask them to leave the residence. High levels of bass from stereos or other equipment is prohibited at all times



Any conduct or behaviour related to alcohol or drugs that threatens the safety, comfort or well-being of oneself or others is prohibited. The legal drinking age is 19 years of age, and underage drinking is prohibited in Granville Hall and students must abide by all Federal, Provincial legislation and policies.


Smoking/Tobacco Products

Granville Hall is a tobacco-free environment. Smoking any product (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, hookah, etc.) is prohibited anywhere inside or directly in front of the building. Use of e-cigarettes or “vaping” is not permitted in Granville Hall.


Illegal Substances

Granville Hall has a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal substances, drugs, marijuana, drug paraphernalia etc. Students who are caught with illegal substances may face eviction from the residence.


Curfew / “Lights-out”

There is no curfew at Granville Hall. We are a residence for adult students ages 19 and over. Students are able to access the residence at any time using their keys.



Granville Hall does not provide its own parking space for vehicles or bicycles. There are several parking garages, parking lots and metered parking around the residence that can be used. These parking options are not affiliated with Granville Hall and are open to the public based on various daily, monthly or annual parking fees that can be paid to the company that manages the parking space. Monthly parking fees range from approximately $100 to $200, depending on the location and whether it's indoor or outdoor parking.

Some nearby parking providers:
Metro Park - $180/month (Indoors):
Waterfront Parking - $140/month (outdoors):



Students at Granville Hall have access to shared privacy bathrooms, which are located on each floor. Privacy bathrooms are fully enclosed units with a toilet, shower and sink available for individual usage. There is enough space to dry off and change inside each bathroom. Each bathroom is shared by a maximum of approximately two or three students. There are three bathrooms on the first floor, four bathrooms on the second floor and four bathrooms on the third floors.


Lost/Stolen items and insurance

Granville Hall is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Students must exercise due diligence in securing their belongings, valuable items or large amounts of cash. All rooms are equipped with locks and students should not leave their doors unlocked or rooms unattended if they have highly valuable items in the room.

Our insurance does not cover any losses or damages that occur to student belongings for any reason. Students may be able to obtain separate tenants' insurance from their bank or other insurance providers to cover their belongings in the unlikely case of theft, fire, water damage, etc. If you're opening a Canadian student bank account, ask your bank for more information about tenant’s insurance upon your arrival in Halifax.



Pets of any kind are not allowed in residence.



Your room will have enough space under the bed and on top of the wardrobe to store one large bag and one or two additional smaller bags. If you have over-sized items or additional bags, there is a free and secure student storage room at Granville Hall. The Residence Coordinator will tag your items and place it in student storage for you. The Residence Coordinator will retrieve your items for you when you need them. 



Recycling is an important part of a sustainable future. It is also required by the city's municipal laws. Each floor in Granville Hall is equipped with recycling bins and students should separate their garbage and put it in the correct bin. A clear guide of what goes in which bin will be provided.



Your room will be cleaned once a week. On that day, our custodian staff will enter your room during the day, clean the room, empty your garbage, remove your sheets and pillow cases for washing and provide you with a clean set of sheets and pillow cases.

Common areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and lounges, are cleaned daily. Students are encouraged to maintain clean and tidy common spaces and dispose of their own garbage to help our cleaning staff keep your living environment enjoyable for everyone.



If you encounter a fire, medical or criminal emergency - dial 911 first. Next, alert the Residence Coordinator or Residence Director at (902) 237 4606.  If you encounter a fire, close any doors between you and the fire, pull the nearest fire alarm and evacuate the building following the fire evacuation procedures.


Cooking facilities

Any form of cooking or electric hot plates or stoves are a fire hazard and are prohibited from use in any rooms other than the common kitchen area. Students who use cooking equipment in their room may receive a written warning followed by eviction from residence if the issue continues to occur.


Granville Hall Property

Removing or moving Granville Hall furniture or other items from lounges, and rooms is not permitted. Outside furniture is not allowed in Granville Hall to minimize risks of pests.


Commercial Use of Granville Hall

Residents are not permitted to use any space or service in Granville Hall for commercial purposes.


Telecommunications & Piracy

Residents are not permitted to install wires, cables or other electronic connections in Granville Hall. Illegal downloading or uploading of copyrighted materials, movies, shows, or other digital media using Granville Hall's network is prohibited. 



Open flames and candles are a fire hazard and are not allowed in Granville Hall. Consider substituting with a battery operated candle.





Residents must not intimidate, threaten or otherwise interfere with any person.



Conduct that results in hostile treatment of an individual or group based on race, gender, origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, ability or other human right protected grounds, is unacceptable in Granville Hall.



Hate Activity

Any comments or actions against a person or group motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on any individual right or protection is prohibited in Granville Hall. This includes but is not limited to, hate crime, hate propaganda, telephone/electronic communications promoting hate, and the display of hate through any notice.



Any unwelcome, unwanted, offensive or intimidating attention or conduct (oral, written, virtual, or physical) by an individual/group is prohibited in Granville Hall. This includes, but is not limited to, bullying, hazing, or racial slurs.


Graphic Materials

Displaying pornographic or graphic material in public or common areas is prohibited.


Sexual Violence

Any form of Sexual Violence will not be tolerated within residence and may result in severe consequences such as criminal charges and eviction. This includes but is not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, indecent exposure, voyeurism and sexual exploitation.



Physical aggression will not be tolerated. If faced with a violent situation, residents should vacate the premises and call for help. Any student who engages in physically aggressive behaviour, regardless of the intention, can face severe consequences such as eviction.


Cleanliness Standards

Students are expected to keep their rooms and common areas at a standard that is acceptable to Granville Hall staff.



Initiating, supporting, or participating in pranks that are disruptive, offensive, and/or damaging are prohibited.


Cooperation with Staff

Failing to follow the directions or instructions of Residence Coordinator who are acting within the scope of their position is not permitted.


Personal conflicts

Residents are encouraged to address any issues with each other openly and respectfully. If you're uncomfortable in communicating your concerns or resolving your conflict directly with fellow residents, the Residence Coordinator will do his/her best to resolve the issue. He/She is trained in conflict resolution.



At the Residence Coordinators discretion, residence rule violations will result in written warnings. On the third writing infraction, a student may receive notice that their residence agreement has been cancelled and that they must evacuate the residence within 5 to 15 days, depending on the issue. 

A resident’s lease agreement may be terminated if rent is more than 15 days late. A 15-day notice of termination will be provided to the student in this case. The decision to terminate a lease is at the discretion of the Residence Director

For more serious infractions, such as violence towards another student, harassment, causing deliberate property damage to the residence, or engaging in illegal activities, the Residence Director may issue notice to a student without any initial warnings.


Property Damage

Residents are responsible for any damages caused by them or any guests they invite into Granville Hall. The cost of fixing damages to rooms, building or equipment will be charged to the resident. In addition, if staff determines that the damage was caused deliberately, the student may receive a warning or be evicted from the residence, depending on the seriousness of the damage/incident.


Guest Policy

You are welcome to have guests in your room and in the common areas; However, you must accompany your guests at all time to respect the other residents. Your guests are your responsibility, including any damages or disturbance they cause. Your guest must be over the age of majority in Nova Scotia (19) in order to be permitted in Granville Hall.

You may have one overnight guest for up to a maximum of two nights at any one time. However, guests are visitors, and cannot use your room as a place of short or long term accommodations. Granville Hall's rooms are meant to accommodate only the student who leased the room. The Residence Coordinator has the right to request your guest(s) vacate the building if he/she is concerned for the safety or comfort of other residents.


Fire Safety

Behaviour which endangers the safety of others (ie. Altering a smoke detector, not evacuating during a fire alarm) is prohibited. All students and guests are required to evacuate the building at the time of a fire alarm. The use or possession of explosive or flammable material is not permitted in Granville Hall (ie. fireworks and propane/gasoline tanks).

Discharging, tampering with or operating any fire prevention or detection equipment for any purpose other than the control of fire is strictly prohibited. Such equipment includes fire extinguishers, pull stations, alarms and smoke and heat detectors. Tampering with fire safety equipment will typically result in a $500 fine and/ or eviction. Any negligent or intentional fires started by any person can lead to a resident’s immediate eviction.


Safety and Security

Behaviour that jeopardizes or has the potential to jeopardize the safety & security of oneself, others or a Granville Hall is prohibited.


Restricted or Unauthorized Areas

Residents are not permitted in restricted or unauthorized areas (except in emergencies).


Unauthorized Key Possession/Use

Residents are not permitted to copy, lend or be in the possession of unauthorized keys.



Possession of another person’s or Granville Hall property without permission is prohibited.



Firearms or any other weapons or items that are created or intended to cause harm, could be seen as intimidating or mistaken for a weapon are strictly prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited

to, restricted weapons, fencing foils, ceremonial or decorative swords, air soft guns and paintball guns.